The future of Sunshine Coast HHS – SCPUH and major changes at Nambour / Caloundra Hospitals.

Posted on August 31, 2015

The push is now on to progress with major changes in Sunshine Coast HHS, as details are starting to emerge regarding the staffing of the new Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital (SCPUH) as well as major changes at Nambour and Caloundra Hospital.

It will be vital that you stay well informed, and that you and your colleagues have a strong voice on the important issues during this period of major change.

For your information and feedback, please see below the main points from Chief Executive Kevin Hegarty's briefing to Together delegates and industrial staff at the latest RCG meeting (Queensland Health’s peak consultative forum). These include a scaling down and refurbishment of the Nambour Hospital Site, repurposing of the existing Caloundra Hospital. The briefing also covers the new SCPUH, specifically the planning, recruitment and commissioning.


  • Kevin Hegarty advised that the hospital is opening 2 August, and will be operational 16 November 2016.
  • SCPUH will be 738 beds by 2021. 450 beds by November 2016.
  • Sunshine Coast have $47.2 million to do planning, and $193.5 million in early money prior to opening.
  • SCHHS want to "on board" staff ahead of the opening to make sure there is time to get things right before opening, "fine tune" and do the commissioning properly.
  • SCPUH has teaching hospital focus – note that the Skills, Academic and Research Centre is at the entrance to the hospital. As TAFE is an official partner in the SARC, this should allow all staff to do professional development, including Administrative and Operational.

Nambour Hospital renovation:

  • The Health Minister went to Nambour and announced the plan for Nambour Hospital to down-size beds to renovate it when SCUH opens.
  • Nambour Hospital will end up having 248 beds, however during renovations will temporarily go down to 130 beds. 
  • The Hospital will get a rehab ward back on site.
  • Staff will need to be at SCPUH for a time from Nambour, even if they might end up going back to Nambour post renovation.

Caloundra Hospital: 

  • SCPUH will be the "new" Caloundra hospital. Currently the Caloundra Hospital sees 30,000 presentations in ED and they have 29 beds.  86% of the admissions go elsewhere.
  • Caloundra will have a change in focus. Palliative care, oral health, child development (this unit will come across from Maroochydore).

Gympie Hospital:

  • In terms of the existing facilities Gympie will continue as is – as a Level 3 hospital, but Chief Executive stated they hope to make it a better Level 3.


  • Chief Executive advised there will be many more jobs in Sunshine Coast with the new hospital.
  • Kevin Hegarty is reviewing LCCH report closely.
  • SCHHS will start surveying people to indicate if they want to go or stay. They do not want staff having to apply for their own jobs, transfers should do. The bigger issue will be recruitment to the new jobs.
  • The process for staff recruitment needs to be clear, easily understood and transparent.
  • The health service will not be using the term "spill and fill" for recruitment.
  • SCHHS want to safeguard the interests for temporaries and casuals.


  • Consultation will commence with all unions at special District Consultative Forum meeting on 8 September. SCHHS will phone our union office prior to this meeting. At this meeting we will be presented with the first documentation for consultation regarding the Transition and Transformation.
  • Staff survey will be undertaken in October this year.
  • Kevin Hegarty emphasised that the Health Service is committed to consulting at every step of the way.

We will be meeting again locally with Kevin Hegarty to commence consultation, as the Health Service will shortly be releasing the first consultation documents regarding these changes. Please email with your questions or feedback regarding SCPUH or any other changes within Sunshine Coast HHS facilities.

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