The future of Queensland

Posted on January 22, 2015

It is absolutely vital that we don’t leave politics to chance.

As a medical professional, one time representative of the profession and a Together member for the last 20 years, I've seen how vital it is that what we stand for in terms of our commitment to patients - our commitment to excellence - is understood by governments.

We have seen that the LNP Newman government either didn't understand that or they just didn't care. And it nearly drove large numbers of our medical colleagues out of the state.

Arrogance, ignorance and aggression is what we saw when this government picked its fight with doctors. The contracts forced onto public doctors stifle public policy debate as well as patient and health advocacy and have already allowed doctors in Cairns to be suspended for many weeks for voicing clinical concerns. We are also the only state where a medical practitioner is not the head of the  Medical Board, so denying us the opportunity to provide leadership and advocacy for our profession, as well as being a form of  domination and  humiliation.

In my experience, the LNP government has stifled the voice of clinicians in the health system, just as my voice was stifled within the government itself.

That is why I am using my voice now to send the Newman government a message. Decisions on public health should be about patients and not profits. 

You can watch and donate to the screening of my two new ads here.

Your voice is needed also.

To join me and our union in our campaign to send the Newman government a message, Ask your non-union colleagues to join you as well.

1800 177 244