Further clarification on Transport Inspector bans

Posted on August 5, 2019

On Friday evening you should have received the below email, after a few more questions this morning your delegate and I thought we should send out some further clarification on some of your bans.

  1. Transport Inspectors have a ban on the issuing of infringement notices – all other notices should be issued as per usual operation.
  2. Transport Inspectors have a ban on filling out PVI Check list, but ensure that all  information that would normally be recorded in PVI must be captured in the Transport Inspector's official note book. COI and Defects issued under normal process.
  3. Transport Inspectors have a ban on data input – this includes, but is not limited to, CID; RUMIIS; briefing notes and investigation plans.

To see a full list of members' protected action please go here.

If members have any other questions please continue to send them in.

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