Flight Centre closes EOIs today

Posted on October 13, 2020

Your ASU wrote to Flight Centre (FCTG) about placing untenable conditions on your entitlement to a redundancy. A copy of our letter to Victoria Harris is linked below.

ASU may dispute Flight Centre’s approach

Flight Centre have not responded to our letter. Instead, the Company wrote to you again to reiterate a very questionable ultimatum. They have said:

…if you do not express interest in a role without a valid reason …a resignation may apply.

Flight Centre also have also said:

…[FCTG] reserves the right to appoint you into any available position that would be deemed reasonable …if you then decline this appointment then this will be taken as a resignation.

An employee is not required to accept absolutely anything that their employer offers them to mitigate the effect of a redundancy and satisfy the obligation to consult with you about your views – it’s negotiable, especially if a new offer of employment could cause a substantial reduction of the terms and conditions that you enjoyed in your previous position.

To offer you anything less than your redundancy entitlements under threat of termination is a very serious matter. Employers who try to prevent employees from exercising their workplace rights can face hefty financial penalties.

If you believe that Flight Centre is not allowing you to exercise your rights, or you are not happy with their decision, please contact us at privatesector@together.org.au.

Respond to the EOI

The ASU has suggested some responses to the EOI that might be appropriate for your circumstances. You could choose either of the following scenarios that may apply to you:


If you only want a permanent role and would otherwise take a redundancy:

“I have been employed at [STORE] and would like to continue working with Flight Centre at any of the following: [STORES], otherwise I would prefer a redundancy.”


If you aren’t successful with a permanent role but would accept redeployment to a maximum term temporary role and continue to collect JobKeeper:

“I have been employed at [STORE] and would like to continue working with Flight Centre at any of the following: [STORES], otherwise I would accept a temporary role.”

EOIs close today. If FCTG proceed to deem you ‘resigned’, not redundant, please contact us by calling 1800 244 177 or by emailing privatesector@together.org.au

1800 177 244