Final draft for the Healthscope Agreement + COVID-19 update.

Posted on March 20, 2020

The final bargaining meeting was held last week. Delegates feel that this is a good result given the impending crisis we are all facing.

Below are some of the responses to our claims: 

  • Wage increase of 5% or $50, whichever is greater.

Offered 2.5% per year.

  • Improve career progression by adding a classification at level 5 of assistant manager.

Have added Team Leader classification between AO4 and Office Manager. They are still writing descriptors for the position.

  • Develop a workload management tool and ensure issues are addressed when raised.

Provided management with the Qld Health workload management kit. They’ve said no. Management believe there is no barrier to staff going to management with issues as they arise.

  • Increase superannuation to 12% over the life of the agreement.


  • Equal pay throughout all Healthscope hospitals ensuring equity across the board.

Management explained they require flexibility when there is a need to hire staff at short notice. They sometimes have to offer higher wages in order to get those staff. They are not willing to move on this.

  • Training allowance of $20 per day for staff members who train new staff.

They believe it’s part of your job to train new staff.

  • Give regular hours in weekly roster or an allowance for staggered shift times.

We are withdrawing this claim.

  • Insert model clause on casual conversion from the Award.


  • Ability to purchase leave and access to long service leave after 7 years.

Sent purchase leave directive from Qld Health – said no. No to access to long service leave at 7 years. Employees already get 13 weeks at 10 years and management believe that is generous enough.

  • Five paid mental health days added to personal/carer’s leave.

No. They will look at enhancing the EAP service.

  • Increase in meal allowance in line with the award to $13.29 then increase in line with wage increases.

Will increase to the award rate. Will increase in line with wage increases over the life of the agreement.

  • Higher duties to be paid following one shift.

This has been agreed to. Clause added to the agreement that says if they work for one or more consecutive days and for the whole duration of the shift/s they would usually work in their substantive role, they will get paid the bottom increment level of the higher classification.

You can see a copy of the entire draft HERE.

Healthscope will now be moving to the balloting process which will give all staff an opportunity to vote yes or no on the offer.

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