Federal Funding Crisis- what is the impact on our jobs and services?

Posted on February 23, 2018

Health Minister Steven Miles and Director General Michael Walsh have provided an important briefing to unions in relation to the crisis of a missing $979 million in the Queensland Health budget.

That is an enormous number and it is very hard to reconcile with existing services.

Minister Miles outlined that this shortfall has been created because the federal government have not provided their share of the agreed funding under the National Health Reform Agreement and this has resulted in a potentially devastating budget scenario. We need the federal government to pay us what Queensland is owed.

In order to understand what this means for union members meetings will be held around the state very soon - stay tuned for the details of where your nearest meeting will be held.

The Minister and DG have outlined that they do not believe there will be cuts to existing jobs and services at this time however we do not know what individual decisions Boards will make.

We need to act now to demand the government recommit to job security for members and that your essential work continues.

We need to do what we can to ask the federal government to pay up and deliver a fair share of the federal government health funding to Queensland.

We stand as a united front with our colleagues, patients and the community on this issue.

Queensland's health needs are growing. We have to act now to stop a desperate crisis.

This is serious and will have enormous ramifications for the essential work you do.

Talk to your colleagues about this coming crisis and what we can do as union members to make sure Queensland's health workers get the vital funding we all rely on. Talk to your colleagues and ask anyone who isn't yet a member to join you today.

We also recommend you watch and share this animation that United Voice have created to explain the issue.

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