The facts on the LNP's costings.

Posted on November 24, 2017

Late on Thursday afternoon, less than 48 hours before election day, the LNP finally released their costings.

The documents are silent about how the LNP plans to reach its goal of $10.8 billion in budget cuts (to reach their so-called "fiscal surplus" measure) in four years. This goal was announced at the very beginning of the election campaign – 30 October. Either they have backflipped on their spending cuts target in the last two days of the campaign, or they are attempting to hide the size of their cuts.

The LNP claims that they will not implement forced redundancies, and will not reduce wages. Tim Nicholls and the LNP made the same claims in 2012 prior to the last state election, after which they cut 14,000 jobs and cut wages.

The promises the LNP made in 2012 were broken. There is no reason to believe their promises today.

The LNP's costings documents are silent about the size of their planned cuts to services for a simple reason: the size of the cuts involved ($10.8 billion over four years) is too large for Queenslanders to accept or the LNP to publicly admit.

Both the LNP and the ALP's costings documents contain 1% "efficiency dividend" or "reprioritisation" measures. The ALP's costings exclude Queensland Health from the reprioritisation measures.

The ALP has committed to increase government revenue in its costings. Meanwhile the LNP has committed to reduce government revenue, meaning that the budget cuts required to reach their goal will be larger.

The LNP have been dishonest with their costings, as they were in 2012, in the hope that they can get away with making their massive cuts to services and jobs after the election. Queenslanders must reject this dishonesty.

Don't let the LNP-One Nation alliance cut our services and jobs again. Put the LNP and One Nation last.

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