Extreme weather in South-East Queensland

Posted on March 30, 2017

South-east Queensland is currently experiencing extreme weather conditions.

As you are probably aware, south-east Queensland schools have been closed, universities and TAFEs are telling students to stay home and extensive road closures and public transport cancellations are expected this afternoon. The police commissioner, Ian Stewart, is urging businesses and shops to consider closing at lunch time. Public transport is free from 10:00am this morning to help get people home.

Please talk to your employer about their intentions. Some employers will need to keep on skeleton staff, some will be able to let staff leave early but we are urging all employers to put the safety of their staff first. If you need to leave early that should not affect you financially but that is something that we can raise with your employer at a later date.

The Together Brisbane office is closed until further notice. Our ability to respond to emails will be limited during this time. You can check our website or our Facebook page for updates.

Please stay safe and remember – if it's flooded, forget it.

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