Excellent news for staff at CQHHS thanks to your action

Posted on April 10, 2015


Your swift action together has resulted in a backflip today and an announcement from CQ Health that there will not be job cuts in the service as proposed at the staff forum last week.

Your action to bring these issues in to the public domain made a big difference, you might have seen this article on the front page of the Bulletin yesterday: 

For those members who missed the reason for member actions over the past week  - on 1 April,  at the “staff forum” an announcement was made that there would be a reduction in  administrative staff. This followed the announcements of two earlier restructures that were proposing job losses.

But Together members have stood firm and insisted that they and their colleagues should not lose jobs.

Because of the stand you have taken together this is what has happened:

  • On Wednesday members attended a rally in the Rose garden and passed a motion of no confidence in the Chief Executive and the executive team who made these announcements and decisions.  The union office have advised the Minister for Health of the no confidence motion.
  • Yesterday Together representatives appeared in the Industrial Relations Commission after lodging a dispute against the Service. 

During the dispute conference the management representative Mr Wolley said there was no formal decision made to cut any jobs and that there had been no business case made to do so.  Further, Mr Wolley said if there was a formal decision made then the employer knew it had to go through the correct formal process to advise everyone that there would be job losses.

Luckily we had a copy of the minutes of the staff forum otherwise we would have mistakenly thought we had lodged a dispute for no reason!   This was excellent to hear.

This, clearly is a win for members. Congratulations! When we stand together, we win.

What remains clear is that with CQ HHS we must be vigilant, look out for one another and encourage other staff in your area who are not yet members to join you, it is only through your action as union members that you have been able to secure these positions so far.

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