Election has been called: Four weeks to protect your rights at work

Posted on October 30, 2017

Your rights at work are at risk in Queensland. This election, make sure you are voting to support your rights at work.

The LNP under Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls cut public services and jobs. They also attacked public sector workers at the workplace.

While in government, the LNP Newman/Nicholls government:

  • Stripped away your employment security;
  • Used parliament to override your workplace agreements;
  • Gutted the Industrial Relations Act, amending it multiple times to reduce workers' rights;
  • Removed the rights of injured workers by changing the Workers’ Compensation scheme; and
  • Refused to negotiate in good faith and refused to pay a fair wage increase for the core public service, appealing the argument all the way to the Supreme Court.

Our rights at work don't just happen. Union members like you have secured them in agreements and law. You deliver essential public services for Queenslanders. Your rights at work are worth protecting.

Union members have campaigned to restore our rights through legislation. We can make a difference this election.

Talk to your family, friends and work colleagues and make sure they remember what the LNP Newman/Nicholls government did to public services and jobs, and go here to sign up to be a part of protecting your rights at work this election.

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