eHealth Dispute Report Back

Posted on October 13, 2016

Today at 9:30am we were scheduled for a compulsory conference in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) about the failure to fill permanent positions in eHealth (which has resulted in ongoing temporary and higher duties contracts and insecure employment for members). As you know, under our certified agreement all permanently funded positions should be filled permanently (3 days for base grade positions and 14 days for positions other than base grade) - see section 4.2 J of the agreement.

Unfortunately, somehow management in eHealth did not get the dispute notice and they asked for the matter to be listed again later.  We have asked the DG to investigate how emails are not getting through to eHealth management and hope to resolve this soon.

We have asked the QIRC to re-list your dispute. We know that this most likely will be late next week or the week after.

Given this delay Together sought from the employer a statewide commitment that the "status quo" will remain until matters relating to our dispute are resolved.

What this means is that no temporary employee can be terminated while we are in dispute about eHealth's failure to fill permanent positions as per the certified agreement.

Please let us know if there are any positions in your workplace which have become recently 'un-funded' or without MOHRI, as this is not allowed under the collective agreement provisions.

All members are encouraged to let their workmates know about this dispute and we strongly recommend that staff are members of the union. They can join online here!

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