Education Update – Welcome to Week 2 Term 4

Posted on October 11, 2021

Welcome to Term Four! You’ve done a phenomenal job this year through lockdowns, vaccinations, and mask-wearing in addition to all the wild and wonderful events that happen in schools and the Department of Education every day. We hope you have had a good week.


For school-based public servants now is the time to check you are on track with your ADO agreement for 2021. You should be able to take all of your time off to get back to a zero balance on the first pupil free day of the 2022 school year. If you have surplus hours at the start of next year you decide whether they are carried over or paid out. You shouldn’t be asked to “write off” surplus ADO hours. It’s also important to know your rights about ADO – and to ask for the time off that you have accrued.

You can read more on the ADO fact sheet here.

This video explains some of the other frequently asked questions about ADO


Permanent Employment

In Term Two the Department announced that temporary staff with over four years’ service would be converted to permanent. Hundreds of long-term staff secured better employment security and it would not have happened without you and other members campaigning around Temp2Perm, maximization, higher duties conversions and improvements to employment security for many years.

Together has met with the Department this week to look for ways to provide more members with permanency – particularly looking at the cohort of staff who have more than 2 years service, and also for workers who have additional temporary hours over and above your permanent hours.


Administration of Medication

Together was approached by the Department of Education about a new procedure for the Administration of Medication, which we emailed to members for feedback. Together provided your feedback to the Department and has been advocating for changes to the procedure to ensure safer outcomes for children and protections for members. Your feedback included issues relating to medication safety for children, the need for training for any staff providing medication, and a greater emphasis on risk assessment and risk management.

It was also noted that providing medication to children is not inherently an administrative duty, and the policy appears to allow administrative staff to be directed to perform these duties while other staff would do so on a voluntary basis. We are continuing to advocate for changes to the procedure and will updated members on the outcomes.


Students with disability resource allocation review

The Department has launched a review in to the allocation of resources to students with disability. This week there will be the first meeting of a sub-group with Therapist representatives – there will be 4 delegates from Together on this group.

If you would like to be kept up to date with this review please let us know. As soon as there is more information to share we will distribute that to members so you can give feedback to the delegates.


Human Resources Workload Review – Sign the Petition!

Under your EB Agreement there is a commitment to review the workloads of Human Resources Teams.

Human Resources members, including members in payroll, human resources consultants and organizational safety and wellbeing have put together a submission for the Review. You can read their submission HERE (and submission attachment here.)

The Department have yet to respond to members' submission. Delegates are asking every member in Human Resources and every Together member to sign the petition in support of the submission.

Having enough resources to support every team across the Department is so important. Human Resources work is essential and everyone needs these teams to be appropriately staffed.

Sign the petition to support the HR teams today.

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