Education Update – consultation on administering medication / ACC report back

Posted on June 11, 2021

Here's the latest update for Schools members.

Administration of Medication

The Department has released an updated procedure for the administration of medication in schools for consultation. This is a big issue in many schools and now is the opportunity to have your say on what you think should be in this procedure.

  • Do you have concerns about the administration of medication in schools?
  • Are there things you need clarified or changed?
  • Do you have questions about how this would apply?

Now is the time to have your say!

To have your say – email your feedback to by Friday 18 June.


ACC report back

Recently your Together delegates Sharon Abbott, Tony Floyd, Paul Goulevitch, Deb Green, Sandra Lewis and Megan Seymour attended the Education ACC along with James Douglas and Thom Ryan from your union office. Delegates raised the following issues:

  • CPA logos on Finance PDs
  • Chemical Registers and Monitoring
  • Cashing out SBS Credits
  • Youth Support Coordinators
  • Bulk conversion of temporary and casual employees
  • Workload management
  • Organisational change
  • Training for Science Technicians
  • Training for School Facilities Operation Advisors
  • Work life balance

Please get in contact if you want to more information about any of these issues we raised. I’ve included a summary below regarding cashing out SBS Credits and Youth Support Coordinators to highlight some of the discussions at ACC on these topics.


Cashing out staffing credits

The practice of schools cashing out SBS or other staffing credits in order to use money for other purposes is extremely concerning. This money should be for employing more staff! Instead, schools are cashing out SBS credits to use for non-staffing purposes like infrastructure or contracting out. This has a really negative effect on workloads especially in admin where many schools are not doing enough to address AO understaffing.

At the ACC, a number of members of the department agreed that staffing allocations need to be used on staff. However, they also identified roadblocks to tracking how much this is happening. The department committed to work on ‘disincentivising’ cashing out of SBS credits.

Has your school has cashed out money that should be used for staffing? Please let us know so we can include this in our discussion with the department.


School Support Staff Recognition Week

School Support Staff Recognition Week is coming up next term, 16-20 August!  It’s an important time of year to celebrate, recognise and respect the amazing work all school support staff do.

What will your school do to celebrate its support staff?  You can talk to your colleagues and discuss what your school should do – one way to see this happen is to raise it at your local consultative committee.

To get started you can add this banner to your emails. Stay tuned for more information and materials you can use to celebrate as we get closer to August.


School Resourcing Survey

Well done to everyone who made a submission to the School Support Staff Resourcing Survey! We are still crunching the numbers to compare your results with the allocative model but the early data is very concerning – over 60% of schools identify that Teacher Aides are performing admin tasks and more than a quarter say they contract out IT services. 

If you have not already completed the survey you can still have your say here.

Your delegates have been making sure that you have a voice at the table when we discuss these issues with the department. We are also working with groups of Together members in schools and across Education to protect your rights and win improvements on the issues that matter to you. To do this you need to have a strong union in your workplace. You can encourage your colleagues who are non-members to join Together online, to build a stronger union in your workplace and be part of the push to win improvements on the issues that matter to you.

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