Education: Science Technician Pay

Posted on March 17, 2021

Union members have raised concerns about how the TO-translation affects annual increment dates and pay-points. If you need assistance please contact your union office.

As per the Department's fact sheet, “Science Technicians will continue to increment on an annual basis based on their existing annual increment dates.” This means that your annual increment date stayed the same when you moved from the OO stream to the TO stream.

The TO-translation took effect 25 May 2020. If your annual increment date has passed since 25 May 2020, and you satisfied the criteria, you should have received an increment up the TO stream on that date. Keeping your existing annual increment date means that everyone can access an increment before 25 May 2021.  

Some members have reported not receiving this increment, so it is important to check your payslip and contact payroll if you think there has been a mistake.


Members have asked whether and what backpay applies for Science Technicians. There are two separate payments made last year that everyone received.

First, the TO-translation was programmed in to the payroll system in October 2020. Because the effective date of the translation was 25 May 2020, there was backpay for the difference between TO and OO wage rates for this period. This calculation should have included any increments due.

Second, the 1.75% State Wage Case pay rise took effect on 1 September 2020. This also needed to be programmed in to the payroll system and backpay to 1 September was made.

If you want to clarify where you stand or seek assistance speaking to payroll please contact your union office at

1800 177 244