Education: Quick Update about tomorrow!

Posted on October 29, 2018

We have our big rally tomorrow evening at 5pm. Speakers Corner, corner of  Alice Street and George Street outside Parliament House. Here are the bus details. If you are coming from the Sunshine Coast and need a lift let us know ASAP today –

We hope by having a big turn out to this rally we can show once again to the government that you deserve an offer! That you deserve equal pay for equal work and that it's time that the Minister and others acted to actually bargain in good faith and act on these issues. I hope to see many of you there tomorrow.

To facilitate those who need to leave work early to attend the rally we put in a notice to the Department to cover you for protected industrial action to do that. The Department have acknowledged that on Friday in an email from Deputy Director General Jeff Hunt. Just remember that unlike previous stop work events, if you are stopping work and do not have pre-approved ADO or other leave (or you haven’t already done a full day) then the time you stop work will be 'strike leave' and will be unpaid leave. It's important that you know that before you head in! If the rally tomorrow doesn't shift the government then we are planning further stop work actions in November. More on that after tomorrow!

Every Together member is making a difference in standing up for a fair deal for you and your colleagues. You are making sure that your work will be recognised and valued. Without you things would remain the same and the changes that need to happen just wouldn't. Congratulations on taking a stand for what you want to see as valued public servants.

See you at the rally and talk soon!

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