Education: Notification of outcomes of JEMs evaluations

Posted October 25, 2011 by Alex Scott

Together has received a number of emails and calls in relation to members not being notified by the department in a timely manner whether they have been successful or not following their JEMs review.

Together has some concerns about the manner in which these evaluations have been carried out and are continuing to negotiate with the department around the outcomes. For example, it is Together's view that as an agreed benchmarking exercise has not yet taken place, part of the individual's evaluation should include an interview of the person by the evaluator.  We are aware this has not happened in the majority of cases.

Whilst some reviews have resulted in upgrades of positions, others have not and we are challenging in the first instance those positions that have not been upgraded.  Following this challenge the positions that have been upgrade may also be reviewed to assess whether they have in fact been upgraded to the correct level.  If you have had your evaluation completed and the timeframe since application is greater than 3 months and you have not received an upgrade, there is a fair chance that the department's view is that an upgrade is not warranted for your  position.

We are expecting to take this matter to a higher level in the next fortnight or so and will keep members informed of any subsequent outcomes as they eventuate.

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Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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