Education: "Negotiations" underway about your wages and workplaces

Posted on June 28, 2018

Yesterday morning Together delegates Perry Mitchell, Colin Callaghan and Sharon Abbott, along with Ken McKay from the union office and I met with the Department to continue negotiations about your wages and conditions for the next 3 years.

Thanks to the thousands of you who gave your feedback last week Together delegates from across the state met and finalised the list of issues to be raised.

Your feedback has produced the Together 'claim' for this round of bargaining. You can see it here.

There are some additions to this claim to still come from Community Education Counsellors. If you have questions about the claim please get in touch with me at At each negotiation meeting a different team of delegates are coming along and putting the case forward for these important claims.

Discussions yesterday focussed on the critical issues of job security, permanent employment and hours of work.

Sadly, the Department aren't giving any responses back at this time. The Government haven't approved a 'framework' for these negotiations yet so the large team of negotiators from the department aren't able to give us responses to claims at this time. We should hopefully expect that the Department will start to give answers about these issues in Term 3.

The next negotiation is scheduled for Wednesday 11 July. The meeting on that day will address the issues concerning the Office for Industrial Relations (OIR).

Over the next two months we'll continue to meet and make our arguments then come September we'll need to show the department and the government how strongly we feel about these issues.

Stay tuned for regular updates from the office on bargaining via email, if you would like to suggest other ways to spread the word I'd be glad to hear it. Let me know!

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