Education: Congratulations! Your ballot result was YES.

Posted on December 13, 2019

Congratulations! With a majority of Together members voting in the ballot for Department of Education agreement offer it was overwhelmingly approved.

As union members you have had a say about the offer – and that demonstrated that over 90% of members supported the offer.

The results of the ballot mean that while your wages will continue to be arbitrated by the independent umpire, all Department of Education staff will be paid the $1250 payment. This is on top of the State Wage Case 3% increase won by union members earlier this year, which will still be paid on 1 January 2020.

As well as that, the offer from the Department includes:

  • Transition for Education Therapists to the HP stream. Click here for a table that sets out how this will work.
  • Transition for Science Operations Officers to the TO stream. Click here for a table that sets out how this will work.
  • A new "Experienced Officer" allowance for AO2s in state schools.
  • Improved occupational violence processes and consultation processes in OIR.
  • RPL and Culturally Safe Supervision for Community Education Counsellors
  • A review of service delivery by regional and central offices, with consultation of union members
  • Other important improvements for consultation, gender pay equity and processes about job security for public servants.

These are major wins for members in the Department of Education. The terms of this offer are significantly better than the offer that members voted to reject this time last year. This goes to show that your decision in 2018 as union members was correct - you rejected the initial offer and through your action and persistence you have won a significantly improved one!

This is also the first 'stand-alone' agreement for the Department of Education. Having a stand-alone agreement means that all Department of Education staff have a good opportunity to pursue further improvements outside of the bargaining process.

We have won a lot and there is still a lot more to do in the Department of Education. We will continue to focus our energy on the arbitration and making the best case possible for back pay to 2018. There will be more work to do to improve progression arrangements. But it's a testament to your strength and commitment as union members that you secured a vastly improved offer from the employer. You stood strong and won!

There have been thousands of union members who have contributed to this outcome but I would particularly like to thank the union delegates, your colleagues, who have tirelessly attended negotiations, been witnesses in the Commission, run meetings, led industrial action and kept all members up to date. Their voluntary efforts above and beyond their day to day work has delivered a better workplace for everyone. Thank you.

We will have more details in the new year about the implementation of the new Department of Education agreement and when the $1250 will be paid. But for now, remind your colleagues that it's only through union members campaigning that we have won these achievements. Join your union today!

PS. Unfortunately our Brisbane office suffered water damage in Wednesday night's storm. For the next little while our union office will be operating at reduced capacity. For the time being, emailing or sending us a message on social media might be the best way to get in contact with your office. For urgent industrial matters, email I hope you keep safe and well this summer season!

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