Education: Breakthrough discussion with Minister Grace

Posted on November 14, 2018

Following your action and correspondence Minister Grace has met with Together representatives and wants to try and resolve the issues and work towards a proposal to settle. Minister Grace is offering to intervene and address a number of issues about employment conditions.

This is a big step forward and hopefully will lead to something being able to come back to members before the end of the year.

In our meeting yesterday, while it was a very high level discussion about the different views we have about the wages issues, it was clear that there was goodwill on both sides and that everyone wants to see a fair outcome and the Minister was making suggestions about addressing issues members have raised.

We are hopeful that the personal intervention of the Minister in discussions might lead to a better outcome now and that a package can be developed for members to consider.

While there are still very different views on what might come out of discussions it is positive to see that these discussions might occur.

We will keep members updated as always.

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