Education: Big Friday Bargaining Update

Posted on February 8, 2019

I hope you are travelling ok. We are all thinking of our fellow members in Townsville and surrounds.

We know that the below is not relevant to colleagues who are dealing with disasters and disaster recovery.

For everyone else!

Update on the QIRC yesterday – no change – nothing new to report other than that the Department continued to refuse to provide a wages schedule but they might at our next meeting on the 19th of February. This is when we are also hoping to have some progress on the AO issues.

There was also a meeting with OIR yesterday and we will send an additional update out about those discussions.

Work Bans

Therapists have held a ballot about whether or not to suspend or maintain their work bans. A significant majority of members voted to MAINTAIN all work bans – so the work bans for therapists are still in place. Note that the ban on assessments has been determined to apply to STANDARDISED assessments only. Therapists will also not enforce a work ban when safety is at risk and will notify managers and the union office of same.

SOOs have voted due to the overwhelming safety concerns about laboratory practices and the student needs to SUSPEND work bans. So SOO work bans are suspended as of today.

Administrative Officer and Business Manager work bans – as of yesterday the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission have acknowledged that you held a successful protected action ballot.

As of Monday 11th of February Administrative Officers and Business Managers in state schools are authorised to take the following protected industrial action as approved work bans:

  • A ban on answering telephones between 1:30pm-3:30pm
  • A ban on collecting student resource grants or other voluntary contributions of funds from students and families
  • A ban on undertaking any work outside of the scheduled hours (including scheduled ADO) and a ban on undertaking any work outside of your position descriptions (this is called a “Work to Rule”)
  • A ban on submitting all paperwork to do with the school budget, including submitting through the School Budget Solution

If you have any queries about how this ban will apply at your school or need to clarify the bans please contact us on

Principals have expressed concern about the ban on answering phones being a risk to student safety. If a safety plan or standard process cannot be made please contact us and we will provide advice. Principals are also encouraged to register their concerns with Regional Directors.

Congratulations to the schools who took strike action on Day 8! Well done on sending a strong message.

What about our MPs and our Minister?

Queensland Parliament is sitting again next week and for local MPs there it is a key opportunity for them to raise issues with Ministers and the government about what is happening.

We are encouraging every Together member who can to contact your local MP, particularly government MPs, to let them know what’s happening and ask them to put forward questions. Here is a guide to contacting your government MP in February. You can phone their office, drop in or send them an email.

We will be back in touch next week.

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