EB9: We're backing ourselves!

Posted on November 3, 2016

We’ve heard nothing but crickets from management this week which indicates to us they still aren’t moving on their position.

The exciting news is that we have had our first Protected Action Ballot back and it was successful! Congratulations to all of the members who have been getting together and voting to take action.

We’ve also seen a parliamentary committee make an important recommendation about temporary employment in the public sector. They are backing our recommendation to ensure that you and your colleagues would have the same rights as private sector workers to be converted to permanent status by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

The legislation should be tabled in the last week of November so we need to ensure the Health Minister, Cameron Dick, hears our voice loud and clear – that we want job security now.

But this isn’t just about temporary workers, it is about all of the important changes we need to see to improve our lives at work. 

That’s why we are backing ourselves to win. If we stand together, we know we will!

Remember – vote YES to ALL the questions on your ballot papers from the ECQ and stay in touch with your local delegates about upcoming events.

The next 4 weeks are critical to what our jobs will be like for the next 3 years. It's going to take all of us so ask your work mates to join you as a member of Together

Health practitioners and dental officers are expecting to receive an offer like yours after last week’s negotiations.  Encourage your HP and DO colleagues to stand up and take action with you too.

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