EB9: Taking action!

Posted on October 4, 2016

We wrote back to the Director General on Friday, a week after he had sent us the “offer” for our wages and conditions.

We had gone back to negotiations twice last week but we weren’t advised of any further reasons why QH ignored the important things we’d talked about like training, job security and consultation in their offer. 

So now we need to act. Our Union Secretary – Alex – made a statement in the media on Friday to turn the pressure up.

I know many of you have sent in your ballot forms for industrial action. I encourage everyone to lodge your protected action ballots so we can demand better. You can find out more here.

Make sure you're a part of your local meetings to discuss action and next steps.

This month is critical to what our working conditions will look like for the next 3 years. Let’s make sure we are heard loud and clear!

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