EB9: Rejected!

Posted on September 27, 2016

Last night we had an emergency Steering Committee meeting to discuss the “offer” from Queensland Health that Alex emailed about yesterday.

Delegates voted unanimously to the reject the offer and communicate this to Queensland Health negotiators today.

We rejected this insulting offer because it does not address any of our concerns around workloads, meaningful consultation and temporary employment. Not to mention our claims about work value, relief pools and training.

Today we walked into our meeting with QH with our heads held high despite our disappointment. We told QH that we were rejecting the offer and demanded answers about why our key issues weren’t included in the offer. We also demanded answers as to why the matters that negotiators had suggested were agreed in principle weren’t included in the offer – like improvements to the Business Planning Framework, and additional training places and money.

QH negotiators wouldn’t make any commitments and even tried to deny that they were the decision makers! They said this was the Director General's offer and stated that no one in the room had advised the DG. This is ridiculous.

We are disappointed and frustrated that QH has been wasting our time. We have spent hours negotiating and have seen nothing but an offer that does not reflect the real issues we have raised and our resolve to make things better.

QH has so far missed every opportunity we have given them to make things better in our workplaces. This is disrespectful to the hard work we all do to keep our health services running.

If you, like us, want a fair deal that addresses the big issues in your place, join us and other Together members across the state at our local report back meetings and rallies.

Click HERE for a full list of meetings that have been confirmed across the state. There will be more coming soon.

We can only win when we stand strong together.

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