EB9: Queensland Health today

Posted on October 6, 2016

We met with Queensland Health again this morning.QH had scheduled the meeting to last for 3 hours but brought nothing new to the table!

Despite all unions being adamant that the offer we received two weeks ago was insufficient there was no new movement from QH.

The meeting was brief – less than one hour. We explained that members do not believe the current offer meets our needs. 

Management keep saying that their hands are tied by whole of government policy. This is not an adequate response when we have consistently argued for an agreement that will see improvements for staff and our health services.

Job security and workloads, meaningful consultation and fairness are not small things! QH was again unable to explain why these essential claims, which are not costly, are not able to be included in the offer.

We felt the message from QH negotiators was clear. They can’t and won’t help us. We need to make enough noise to make sure the Minister listens now, because it is up to higher level decision makers to put a new offer.

So let’s get together and make sure the Minister knows he must act to address our concerns.

Go to your local meeting.

Lodge a protected action ballot application for your area.

Together we can get a better offer, we just need to make enough noise to make it happen.

1800 177 244