EB9: Let's vote together!

Posted on October 19, 2016

What a couple of weeks it’s been! From Cairns, to Emerald and right down to the Gold Coast, we saw hundreds and hundreds of members stand up and demand better from Queensland Health.

Congratulations everyone – your meetings demonstrated that we are stronger together. Look at what you were able to achieve together.


Unfortunately the meetings to reject the offer alone have not prompted a change in position or a new offer from QH. This has confirmed what we thought; we will have to be louder and bolder if we want things to change.

Using our collective power, we can force the Minister to listen to us – that’s why we need to take the next step and lodge Protected Action Ballots (PABs).

PABs are the first step that union members use to take legal industrial action. It is really effective and powerful because it gets our message out and pressures the government to treat us fairly. This year Queensland teachers voted to take action this year and they got a much better offer to settle their agreement.

You and your colleagues have secured better offers from QH in every other round of bargaining by being prepared to take action when it came to the crunch. This time it is even more important.

Last week Brendan told you how he and his team lodged their PAB.

Since then over 70 workplaces have lodged Protected Action Ballots! This is massive but if we really want to see insecure work and unmanageable workloads fixed, it is going to take every member.

Lodge your PAB today to give us the chance to take bold action together in November.

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