EB9: It's time to put the pressure on

Posted on September 21, 2016

EB9: Stand Up for Health WorkersYesterday was another mammoth day of negotiations with Queensland Health and for once we have some hard concrete positions to report back to you. 

It’s really getting to the pointy end of the process. These positions from Queensland Health won’t change unless we do something to make them change. 

We are putting forward all the best arguments but we need you to join us. We need to demonstrate that we all care about the need for change to ensure our important claims move to the "yes" column.

Here is a quick summary from negotiations:

Health said "yes"

Hanging in the balance

Health said "no"

3 year agreement

Application of the public service staffing cap in QH

Cultural leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members

Covers AO, TO, PO and OO staff at QH

Operational Officer reclassifications

Flexible hours of work including a 9 day fortnight

No reductions in conditions

Admin officer reclassification / work value process

Staff ratios to better manage workload

Merging two consultative committees with similar roles

Mandatory consultation from Boards about changes 
impacting staff

Preventing outsourcing


Meaningful consultation from management full stop

More than 2.5% wage increase



Increasing shift allowances / penalty rates



Improvements to the rural and remote program



Guaranteed access to training 



Professional development allowance



Extension of compassionate and bereavement leave 

For a detailed break down of our claims and QH responses, click here to see the document we have been working through in negotiations.

There are still a lot of important issues to get through but QH believes they will have an offer by the end of the month. Based on what we see here, it doesn’t seem that the offer will be good enough for us to really recommend it to you. 

That’s why we are recommending that as a union we take more action now. 

As we see it either we accept an okay agreement or we give ourselves the chance to take action to get a better one. With this in mind, our steering committee delegates have endorsed launching protected action ballots where members feel confident to take action. 

This isn’t a decision we have taken lightly but we aren’t giving up on our new agreement being better and making a real difference for us all. 

Only when we stand together and take bold action can we win improvements to our rights and conditions at work!

Talk to your local delegates and organisers about holding a meeting to endorse a Protected Action Ballot and other union action.

It’s time to put the pressure on. 

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