EB9: It's time for action

Posted on November 15, 2016

Stand up for Queensland Health workers!

Join me on Tuesday 29 November at 12:00pm outside Parliament House. 

If you live outside of Brisbane, check out our other key events happening across the state.

It’s time to tell the Health Minister and the government that you are essential to our health system and your wages and conditions are just as important as nurses, doctors, teachers and police.

Yesterday I went with your delegates to a meeting with Queensland Health negotiators.

This was supposed to be a meeting to put real options on the table for a new agreement for your wages and conditions for the next three years. QH had nothing new to say.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of your colleagues who are temporary or casual could have better job security if QH accepted our position and government policy – but they haven't.

Yesterday's meeting did not provide any change in the offer to you to settle the agreement and it is not good enough.

This is the last straw. It is disrespectful and wasting your time.

Right now you have a choice either you can sit back and let QH get away with doing nothing to make your jobs more secure or you can stand up and demand better.

That's why we need to attend stop work meetings outside Parliament House on Tuesday 29 November or next week in major regional centres. We need to turn up in large numbers to these events and send a strong message to politicians and the DG.

With a few key additional items – we could have a deal that works for everyone for the next three years.

Standing up now will make a difference in the next three years so that your jobs are not traded away to make the budgets work.

If we don't make a stand now for real job security then your rights will be less than everyone else in the public and private sector.

We can win and we will win but it's up to you. 

I know Together members are the people who make our health system work. Here's what we are going to do:

P.S. Union members in eHealth in Rockhampton are taking industrial action tomorrow. These are the first members to take industrial action and stop work in this campaign. These workers know what job insecurity looks like, as so many eHealth workers were due to have their contracts end this year. Standing strong together can secure permanent employment. We are all with you tomorrow.
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