EB9 & HPDO: Your back pay

Posted on December 14, 2016

Email the Health Minister today to ask for an answer by Christmas.

Over the last few months Together members have met, rallied, stopped work and voted in over 140 Protected Action Ballots (PABs) to put pressure on Queensland Health and the government to get a better offer.

You have made a difference to what the next 3 years will look like for you at work. It was you who forced the government to give you a revised offer on 29 November but now QH and the Minister are dragging the chain again.

We sent a letter to QH (EB9 & HPDO) to accept that offer and to protect the 1 November operative date and we told them they need to make a revised offer on back pay and other issues.

Yesterday we had hoped to have some formal feedback to give to you. Despite assurances from QH, we still haven't had any official correspondence. Your questions are urgent, legitimate and you deserve to have your questions answered especially with Christmas just around the corner.

Don’t let QH be the Grinch this Christmas. Email our Health Minister today and demand he takes these issues seriously.

In the revised offer it was great to see real movement on job security for temporary employees but the biggest question from members is about back pay to the expiry of your current agreement.

Now we need to again put pressure on the Minister to force an answer to our letter. That is why we are asking you to email the Minister to demand certainty by Christmas.

Email the Minister now and tell him to be more like Santa and deliver answers before Christmas.

1800 177 244