EB9 & HPDO: Letter from the DG and your back pay

Posted on December 20, 2016

Congratulations to the hundreds of members who have already sent an email to Minister Dick asking for him to deliver answers on back pay before Christmas. If you haven't already, email the Minister today to tell him to fix this right now.

This morning the Director-General, Michael Walsh, finally sent his response to the letter we sent him more than two weeks ago. You can see the letter here.

The letter does provide much-needed clarification on the reviews in the revised offer but the issues of the operative date (ie when the new agreement starts) and back pay are still not resolved. The DG has made it clear that the Department can’t fix the back-pay issue. It must be the politicians who do that. Email your Minister about it today.

Right now, we must keep the pressure on the Minister to force him to step up and resolve the back pay issue. You all deserve a stress-free Christmas with your loved ones knowing that your payrise will be paid back to when it was due. 

Together members have forced revised offers throughout these negotiations by standing up and making your voices heard by decision makers. You are the group of people who are making change happen and that's why we are continuing to contact the Minister directly.

This festive season, don't let QH and Minister Dick steal your Christmas cheer. Email the Minister and let him know you want to clarity on your back pay before Christmas.

1800 177 244