EB9: Expiry today

Posted on August 31, 2016

Today the agreement that governs our wages and working conditions expires.

We had hoped to be considering a new offer by now. There is a lot of frustration in our workplaces about this and that’s why it's so important that today so many of us are standing up today and saying "time's up!" to Queensland Health.

Remember to send your photos to health@together.org.au like these members in pathology so we can share the message.

New agreements and wage increases don't just happen, they only happen because we make it happen. It's us, the  union members who do it!

Yesterday we met with Queensland Health negotiators and we were able to tick a few key things off the list. We had agreement about a few important issues that don't cost any money. Things like: a three year agreement, no reduction in entitlements from policies, that real consultation should occur about change and that mental health practices for staff should be more proactive.

Queensland Health has given us a schedule now for the rest of the month of meetings to cover everything we have asked for. Things like fair workloads, job security and a fair pay rise.

I know that I want to come out of these negotiations with a fair deal that respects the hard work we all do, but I also don't want to wait too long.

It’s great to know that so many of us are meeting today, wearing stickers and doing our bit. All of the little things we do together mean a lot in the long run.

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