EB9: Building power

Posted on September 8, 2016

EB9: Stand Up for Health WorkersRight now we are in the nitty gritty of negotiations and Queensland Health is still dragging the chain. It’s frustrating that we were due a pay-rise and new agreement last week and we still have no concrete positions or offers from QH.

QH representatives have even started back-tracking on issues that they were supportive of a couple of weeks ago like the business planning framework. This was going to help us with better consultation and workload management.

It’s becoming clearer that the real wins aren’t going to happen because we have strong negotiators, but because of the strength and power we are building in our workplaces.

The last week has been testament to that with hundreds of members wearing stickers, attending meetings and emailing our chief executives. We know that the more members we have, the stronger we are and the more power we have to force QH to take our negotiations seriously.

At this critical time, email a friend at work and ask them to join Together. 

There are negotiations happening tomorrow and if there is any big movement we will keep you updated. Until then, remember to email your CE or the DG to get them to put pressure on the department.

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