EB9: A big week - with more to do

Posted on July 29, 2016

Over the last few days, in almost 40 hospitals and health facilities across Queensland, you and hundreds of your Together colleagues held meetings to have your say on the log of claim for your EB9 agreement.


Well done on making your voice heard – but we have more work to do!

The combination of federal health budget cuts and the state government's new cap on employment numbers means that the key issues that you and your colleagues have been talking about at these meetings – job security, permanency and protecting workloads – are more important than ever.

These items feature strongly in your log of claims, that you have been endorsing in these meetings. But in order for us to secure a new EB9 agreement that does protect jobs, that does ensure that your workloads are reasonable as you work to deliver services for Queenslanders, we need to do more.

We had our first negotiation meeting this week and at this point the government haven't yet been clear about their intentions in these negotiations. We need to be able to bring more pressure to bear against Queensland Health to ensure that these negotiations are productive.

We can't increase the pressure on Queensland Health Unless we can increase the number of union members across every workplace. Ask a colleague to join today.

What's next?

Those who were around for the EB8 negotiations will remember how important it was to build strength in our union and because of that strength you were able to delivered the biggest ever pay rise for the public sector. This time around the government wages policy is 2.5% and your key issues seem to be focussed on protecting and improving your rights and conditions and health services to the community. The outcome will depend on your workmates and colleagues joining you in the union and taking action with you in pursuit of your claims. We are always stronger together.

Your agreement expires on 31st August. That is only a few weeks away, so the most important thing you can do now is to talk to you colleagues and workmates about your upcoming agreement, invite them to meetings and ask them to join your union.

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