EB9 Ballot Successful

Posted on May 19, 2017

Congratulations! The EB9 agreement ballot was a success with an almost 98% YES vote! 

The wage increases and the improvements in these agreements are a direct result of the hard work of your union delegates and the action of Together members. Together 
you are a powerful force for better pay and conditions in your workplace. 

Now we can move to certification of the agreement in the Industrial Relations Commission and the payment of wage increases and back pay. We are working with Queensland Health to ensure these payments can be made by the end of this financial year.

Once the agreement is certified we can start work on implementing the new provisions and the reviews of industrial conditions under your new agreement. These reviews and the implementation process will require continued activity by Together members to successfully improve your and your colleague's working lives.

The reviews under EB9 include reviews to a range of policies, change management guidelines, the workload management tool, and clinical assistant roles. To be involved in these reviews and the ongoing implementation of the new agreement in your workplace, please let us know at health@together.org.au.

Congratulations again! Being a member of Together means standing up for what's right and winning, your colleagues can join you as a member here. 

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