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Posted July 28, 2011 by Alex Scott

We met again with Queensland Health last week on the 20th of July to continue negotiations about our wages and working conditions.

Queensland Health have made it quite clear all our claims have to be included in the overall 2.5% wage increase offer unless significant cashable savings can be identified by us as workers. This is a big limitation! We have put forward many items that we want to see addressed to make Queensland Health a better and more efficient place to work. This attitude from Queensland Health is damaging that opportunity.

For one thing, this will mean any current allowances we receive will not increase in line with the wage increase as it has done in all previous agreements. In fact, Ross Wotherspoon, a lead Queensland Health negotiator said in this last meeting "if all you want to do is 2.5%  with no changes we will sign off on it now" - we said no! There are many issues that members have put forward that need serious consideration.

When we as union representatives asked Queensland Health to clarify the sections of the agreement and award they wished to streamline or standardise - which was one of their 'asks' -  Queensland Health admitted they have not identified or looked at specific information that relates to their claim, despite the Auditor General's report having been released over 12 months ago.

We believe Queensland Health wants an open-ended commitment to carry out a simplification process throughout the life of the agreement. This would not allow for cashable savings to be applied during the life of the agreement. That means, we wouldn't be able to exchange any advantages to Queensland Health management for advantages for us as Queensland Health workers - this is just not fair!

Our unions, along with the TWU, and AWU have written to the Director General asking him to attend the next meeting on 3rd August as we do not believe Queensland health is negotiating in good faith.

It's tough talks at this stage, and we need to keep our eye on the fact that we will get a new agreement this year - and we need to keep pressure on Queensland Health senior management to get a fair offer.

The work that we all do is vital to Queenslanders, and they need to better acknowledge that and give us a fair go.

We'll keep you posted.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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