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Posted August 8, 2011 by Alex Scott

Last Wednesday the 3rd of August we again met with Queensland Health representatives to negotiate about wages and conditions.

The day started well, all unions had caucused at the start of the day and agreed that since we hadn't received correspondence from the Director General and, if he did not attend our meeting, we would head up to the 19th floor of the Charlotte Street building to see the Director General in his office.

So we did! The timing couldn't have worked out any better -  in walks in the Health Minister.

Finally a break through!. As a result of this, all unions were able to meet with John Cairns (Deputy Director General) and the Chief Advisor to the Director General. All union representatives expressed their concerns with the negotiation process so far. Throughout this meeting management's position had changed from "the response to the Unions letter had been sent" to "I have seen the letter in draft form". It turned out that there had been no response written the Director General could not attend the meeting that day anyway...

The Deputy Director General then suggested as a way forward if the union representatives present would like to see "a document in discussion draft still being worked on"? This document was to be treated as confidential, no members of any union were to be allowed to see, hear or be privileged to vdiscuss this document as it contains controversial information"

The EB8 Stronger Together caucus declined this invitation as we believe we are here to represent all members and information needs to be shared with members so that this process is transparent, honest and informed decisions can be made. We would not accept the document unless we could share it with you. We're there negotiating for all members, and all members need to be kept informed.

After this discussion, QHealth handed back its response to the Log of Claims previously discussed, this document can be viewed on the EB8 website here.

Our Combined Unions Caucus also tabled our occupation-specific claims and indicated to QHealth that we would correspond with them about when these discussions would be held.

This process is like driving a car we are holding the steering wheel and members are our engine, with QH's foot on the break I hope we can make our way through the smoke!

Since that time, union representatives have met with the Director General and have now received a commitment from QH that a document will be provided shortly which outlines some of your employer's views about workplace improvements they are seeking.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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