EB8: Minister Dick must stop the delays on your pay increase.

Posted on September 23, 2015


All Queensland Health staff deserve a fair pay increase. The Minister must act to make it happen.

Right now, AOs, OOs, TOs and POs in Queensland Health are still waiting for a wage increase that was due to you on 1 September.

Your work keeps Queensland Health running.

Despite negotiations continuing with the government we still don't have any indication of when Queensland Health is going to deliver your pay increase.

Today HPs are receiving a backdated increase, while you are still waiting. Today the need for immediate action by the Minister is clearer than ever. You deserve the same respect and a backdated increase.

Nearly 1,500 people have signed the Together petition asking for the Minister for Health to intervene and deliver a pay increase. We need to increase the pressure on the Minister and the Department for action now, no more delays! Ask all your colleagues to sign as well.

Together delegates are asking for a 12-month "roll-over" of your agreement, with a backdated pay increase of 2.5% to 1 September 2015.

The Minister must value your work and your contribution by making your pay increase happen. Sign the petition today.

PS. HPs are receiving a pay increase today because they acted collectively as union members to pressure the minister and the government. To win the backdated increase that you deserve, Together members will be keeping up the pressure. Forward this email and ask your colleagues to join you in asking the Minister to respect you, respect your work, and deliver a backdated pay increase.

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