EB10:State-wide report back meetings update.

Yesterday, Together Health members across both EB10 and HPDOCA met for statewide report back meetings about your EB agreements.

As you know, 98% of Together members voted to accept the offer to settle EB10 October. On this basis Together provided in-principle agreement and have been progressing drafting issues like temporary to permanent conversions.

You provided agreement in order to secure a 1 September back-pay date and the hope of the $1250 payment this year. The AWU have not yet provided their in-principle agreement and their members are currently undertaking industrial action including work bans. We support all union members’ rights to take action and encourage our members to support their action by not undertaking banned work. 

However, because of these delays Queensland Health is not yet drafting your new agreement, and this continues to push back the certification date at which your $1250 payment would ordinarily be paid. 

What’s next for EB10 members backpay and $1250 payment?

To prevent this impacting our members resolved yesterday to say to government that they must commit to retain your backpay date of 1 September 2019. So that you are not disadvantaged, we will also be requesting that administrative measures are put in place to enable your $1250 to be paid sooner, ahead of the certification of EB10.

There is also a need to finalise the single employment security clause which should sit across both EB agreements. This item is committed to but not yet finalised and so we will be asking that Queensland Health resolve this by 14 November.

HPDOCA strike – Day of Action and report back meetings 14 November

During our statewide workplace meetings yesterday our members who are HPs, Dental Officers and Clinical Assistants committed to take strike action on 14 November to try to get Queensland Health to place a good offer on the table. They are still without an offer almost one month after their agreement expired.

We commend our EB10 members and HPDOCA members for your commitment to making life better for members across both EB agreements. When our members stand together across the state we make a difference!

Together will be holding further statewide report back meetings at 12:30pm on 14 November and we invite EB10 members to attend once again alongside our HPDOCA members during their strike action. It is important to note that you should only attend during your lunch break as you will not be covered by the protected action notices for this agreement. Click here to view the list of meeting sites and bring your Together colleagues to the meeting!

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