EB10 - what's next? Come to the meeting on Thursday

Posted on November 4, 2019

This Thursday 7 November at 12:30pm we are having important state-wide report back meetings about your EB agreement.

Click here to find the closest meeting location to you.

There are ongoing complications with finalising EB10 (in principle agreement was provided by Together delegates in early October) however, as the AWU have not yet given their agreement, Queensland Health have not yet commenced formal drafting. This delay may stall the payment of your backpay and your $1250 payment. We are asking for some interim action that may alleviate this.

We are also hoping to see more specific words about temporary employment conversion processes today from Health.

Union meetings this week will discuss our next steps and what we can do to speed up the process of securing the improvements in your new agreement.

Together members voted in record numbers to lock in the wins you had during this EB campaign. 

Join us on Thursday to discuss where we go from here.

We will be joined by our colleagues who are covered by the HPDO agreement – soon to be HPDO and Clinical Assistants agreement. These members are about to take industrial action as they are yet to receive an offer to settle their agreement.

Our solidarity across EB10 and HPDOCA members makes our voice stronger. When we support each other we win - come to the meeting in your workplace and help spread the word. You can ask your non-member colleagues to join online now and bring them along to the meeting.

In union

Alex Scott | Branch Secretary | Together

P.S. Regarding work bans of other unionsmany of you will be aware that members of AWU are currently engaging in work bans in relation to EB10. We encourage Together union members not to do this banned work. Undertaking banned work undermines workers’ rights to take action and their efforts to resolve their outstanding EB issues. It is also inappropriate for you to do work outside of your role. If you have any questions please contact health@together.org.au

1800 177 244