EB10 Update: Regional and Remote incentives, plus news about teachers

Posted on July 4, 2019

Life in regional and remote Queensland can be wonderful but it also has its own challenges. Members who work in regional and remotes parts of our state report about the cost of living in particular – sometimes things are just not available to buy, or too expensive when they are. That’s why regional and remote incentives are important for all workers who are providing important services to these communities.

We have put together a quick survey on prices in regional and remote areas. If you live or work in regional Queensland, please fill in the survey with as much detail as you can – your voice will be very important as we begin negotiations on the topic of regional and remote incentives in your agreement. Your individual feedback will be collated and kept anonymous.

We'll be taking the results of our survey to the next negotiation meeting on Tuesday, so please fill in the survey as quickly as possible.

Good news for teachers

You may have already heard by now that the Queensland Teachers’ Union have reached in-principle agreement for their collective agreement with the government. The in-principle agreement includes a number of improvements, including a 2.5% wage increase, a $1250 sign-on bonus and a $1000 increase to regional and remote allowances.

This is good news for our state’s hard-working teachers. It’s important to note that this in-principle agreement was achieved after QTU members voted to support strike action, with a very large portion of all teachers being members of their union. This good result for teachers shows what determined union action can achieve!

We'll have more updates following the next negotiations meeting. Talk to you then!

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