EB10 - Update on your agreement and the $1250 payment

Posted on January 29, 2020

We hope you are having a positive start to 2020 at work. Together we can make great improvements to work this year.

Bargaining Update

In 2019, Queensland Health EB10 members ran a strong bargaining campaign, that included proposed industrial action, to secure a new agreement. This proposed agreement includes a 2.5% wage increase, backdated to 1 September 2019, plus an additional $1250 payment, as well as other improvements (you can read the offer letter here).

Queensland Health offer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workers and Liaison Officers

As part of this strong Enterprise Bargaining campaign, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health workforce members were offered a new, standalone certified agreement to be created for the new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce stream. The proposed title of this new agreement is the ‘Queensland Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforces Certified Agreement (No. 1)’. The offer delivers a new agreement which would contain a new pay stream for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health members. It also offers pay increases to better recognise the important work Health Worker and Liaison officer members do in our health workplaces. Winning this offer is a significant achievement and members will be at the table to work on developing the new stream and new agreement in the first half of 2020. Click here to view the offer.

If you are interested in being part of the steering committee for the new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health workforce agreement please let us know health@together.org.au 

So what is happening now?

In order to certify the EB10 agreement, all parties to the agreement were required to agree in principle. The good news is this has now happened!

We are now writing up the formal legal document that is part of your new agreement (doing the ‘drafting’) with Queensland Health. Once the agreement is fully 'drafted' it will be distributed to you as union members. While union members have already voted on the offer there will also need to be an all-staff ballot on the fully-drafted agreement before it can be 'certified' by the Industrial Relations Commission. You will get to vote again!

Your pay increase (to be back dated to 1 September 2019) and other benefits can then be rolled out as part of the new agreement. The back payment is usually made in the immediately following pay run.

You will also vote in the all-staff ballot: you should remind your colleagues, who may not be union members, that none of these improvements, the one-off payment and opportunity for higher pay would have happened without union members like you. Ask them to join you as union members to make sure they are up to date and part of these exciting changes.

When will I see my $1250 payment?

We are currently in discussions with the government to pay the $1250 payment early - before certification of the new agreement (which may not occur before May this year!!). The aim is to have this paid using a Health Employment Directive which the Health Director-General can issue. There are final approvals to be given by government before the payment is made. We are working to have this paid to members as soon as possible. 

We understand that if you are on leave (even unpaid leave) – you will be paid the one-off payment.

The one-off payment is part of your salary and will be paid in one of your normal fortnightly pays. The payment is taxed; tax treatment will vary based on your income (if you have other salary sacrificing arrangements or a HECS/HELP debt for example). We did ask if the payment could be paid separate to a scheduled pay run but that is not possible.

Governance Review of Queensland Health

Queensland Health’s Governance Framework has been reviewed and recommendations were made by the expert panel. Together representatives are participating in the committees that are working through how these recommendations will be applied in 2020.

The review and many of the recommendations were things that Together members campaigned for and lobbied for. They should make decisions relating to employment issues better and more consistent across Queensland Health.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this work.

I look forward to updating you further soon.

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