EB10 Update - Career Paths and Training

Posted on July 23, 2019

We had another long meeting with Queensland Health today.

Many thanks to Aajay, Barb, John, Maria, Melanie, Rodney, Ron, Ruth, and Suzanne who represented our union as delegates, with me, and James from our union office to speak to claims surrounding career paths and training.

In a very busy negotiation our members argued for your claims regarding Attraction and Retention Incentives for EB10 workers, Clinical Coders, Downgrading of Positions, Queensland Ambulance Service AO2s, AO Role Description Library, Training and Development Fund, and Targeted Training Allowance. We also discussed Recreation Officers and Telephone Counsellors, both of which will also be covered in HPDOCA negotiations.

In response, the Department of Health didn’t have a position to put to us on these claims. They've had your claims for months and have had time to consider them and do their own research and get prepared for the meetings where these are scheduled to be discussed. 

Instead of being prepared Department of Health frequently told us that they “need to do their homework” and will “get back to us”. This approach is also repeated at previous meetings.

The next negotiation meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 30 July. This will be a joint meeting with HPDOCA delegates and we are expecting to discuss leave and issues that matter to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander members. 

As always, please read through the list of topics and share your stories with us by sending them through to health@together.org.au by COB Monday 26 July.

In particular, we want to share member's experiences regarding acute care leave. This is a very emotional matter that has affected many of our members and we want it to be represented appropriately. If you or a colleague has a personal experience to share and would be available to attend the next meeting, please let us know. We understand that this may be a difficult matter to speak about but your union representatives will be there to support you through it. 

Don't forget to share this email update with your colleagues and remind them to get on board and join you as a Together member. Now is the time to be union active. We are stronger together! 

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