EB10 Update - Allowances

Posted on July 16, 2019

Today, James from the union office as well as Aajay, Barb, Vicki, Ron and I met with the Department of Health for negotiations on our claims regarding allowances.

Unfortunately the Health negotiators spent a lot of time today arguing with us still about the cuts they want to make to the agreement. It was great that we were joined by other unions and our solidarity about no-one agreeing to any cuts in conditions was clear.

We were able to discuss only five of our allowances claims today. Specifically: increasing the shift allowances; our claim for an aggression allowance; our claims for mental health allowances and environmental allowances being applied to the right people; and we also discussed the language allowance.

QH did not agree to any additional allowances today and they were non-committal about improving shift allowances. However, there was some support for improving the policy (particularly for clarity) in having the mental health and environmental allowances being applied appropriately.

Don't forget, there are member meetings scheduled at major sites to discuss the changes that Queensland Health want to make to our conditions and what our plan is moving forward. You can see a list of these meetings here. If you don't have a meeting near you please get in touch with your organiser or email health@together.org.au.

The next negotiation meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 23 July and we are expecting to discuss the issues related to career paths and training. Read through the following list of topics and if you or a fellow member have any evidence or stories related to any of these points, please send them through to health@together.org.au by COB Monday 22 July. 

We need a strong union to create real change. It is clear that, what happens outside the bargaining room is going to be more effective than what is happening in negotiations. Share this update with your colleagues and remind them to be involved by joining you as a Together member. 

Now is the time to be union active. We win with member power in our workplaces!

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Adrian Waters - Together Delegate, RBWH and your Together EB10 negotiating team

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