EB10: Tuesday Bargaining Update – News from the Table!

Posted on June 25, 2019

We had another long meeting with Queensland Health today.

Many thanks to Barb, Aajay, Ron, Deb Scott, Deb Lawrie and Rodney who represented our union as delegates, with me, and spoke about our claims and issues at the bargaining table.

What is very clear to me is that, what happens outside the bargaining room, is going to be more important than what is happening in negotiations.

Today, we had discussions about workloads, replacement of staff, relief pools, the need for better rostering, options for different shifts, backfilling and the classification levels of Executive Services Officers. We had a lot of discussion and we had great support from all unions for our claims.

In the meeting Queensland Health management representatives agreed to consider some of our suggestions about the need to address workload concerns, however, they are sticking to their guns on wanting to make cuts to existing entitlements in our agreement. To remind you of the changes that they want to make, see the following documents: 

In the next few weeks we will be having member meetings at major sites to brainstorm with members about how we can show support in the ‘real world’ outside negotiations, for the claims we are putting forward.

Keep an eye out for a meeting in your area and if we don’t have one near you, get in touch with your organiser or you can email health@together.org.au.

Our next meeting is scheduled for the 9thof July and we are expecting to discuss the following issues: 

Regional, Rural, Remote, Isolated

  • 15.1 Cabinet Approval for change
  • 15.2 Rural and Remote Incentive Scheme
  • 15.2.1 Rural and Remote Additional Leave
  • 15.2.2 cost of living allowance, remote/mining boom
  • 15.2.3 Professional Development Allowance for regional, rural, remote, $10k
  • 15.2.4 Additional week's annual leave
  • 15.2.5 Address housing disparity
  • 15.2.6 Rent assistance
  • 15.2.7 Flights 2x per year
  • 15.2.8 Framework for personal travel with work travel
  • 15.2.9 Application to Temporary employees
  • 15.2.10 Provision of entitlement before employment
  • 15.3 Review of Regional, Rural, Remote or Isolated Centres, definitions, decentralisation, safety and security of facilities
  • 15.4 Regional Graduates Allowance

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander claims (further claims to be discussed on 30 July)

  • 11.6 (11.6.1-11.6.4) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment
  • 11.7 Retention of employees with higher qualifications
  • 11.8 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee traineeships

Please continue to send your stories from yourself and members in your area about the above claim items. They have been very helpful when providing evidence at the bargaining table. You can send these to health@together.org.au by COB Friday 5 July. 

We will update you if we see any changes in position from Queensland Health between now and the next meeting.

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