EB10: The next deadline

Posted on September 18, 2019

Although we are getting towards the end of the negotiations for EB10, we still don't have a full offer from Queensland Health that our members could consider and agree on. Their current offer is incomplete.

At negotiations yesterday we were presented with a range of responses to our claims.  But there are still many of our claim items to which Queensland Health haven't provided a response. These are items Queensland Health is still to "consider" before they can respond to say they support or don’t support them.

Member survey

While EB10 negotiations are continuing there are many points of concerns coming up from members. Some of these key issues relate to temporary employment, conversion to permanency and workloads.

Don't forget to have your say on in the current EB10 survey for temporary employment and workloads.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers Career Structure Review

We also have important news in relation to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers members' and Liaison Officer members' claims.  Yesterday during the negotiation meeting we were presented with a hard copy of the final report of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Career Structure Review which was a response to our members seeking a reclassification and review of the career structure. We are working though the report at the moment and will contact our Health Worker and Liaison Officer members very soon with more information and to call a teleconference to discuss the report in relation to our members claims.  We hope that we can use this report to support our members’ important claims in the current negotiations.

What's next?

We are only 13 days from the next deadline in the negotiations which is the 30 September date whereby all parties are attempting to reach agreement. 

Our members know that the only way we will win better pay and conditions through this EB will be by committing to take action as a strong union of members.  We have already shown this in relation wages last week, and members will continue to campaign on our key concerns as we head towards this next deadline. 

Let your colleagues know that they need to join Together for better wages and conditions now!

We will keep you posted on developments as we progess through the negotiations.

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