EB10 – Stop work action planned for 11 September

Posted on September 4, 2019

Your EB10 Steering Committee delegates have reviewed the member votes and have taken the decision to endorse Together EB10 members taking protected industrial action of a one hour work stoppage on the day of action – next Wednesday 11 September. This will be protected action for all AO, OO, TO and PO members. Members who are HPs, DOs, Clinical Assistants and Medical Officers can join in only on their breaks.

We will be notifying Queensland Health that this protected stop work action will occur across the state.

Together members voted in very large numbers to support these stop work actions and send a message to the government and Queensland Health.  By doing so you have shown your employer that Together members won't put up with being offered lower wages than the government are offering other public service workers and that you will not tolerate cuts to your hard won working conditions. 

Why should you be offered only 2.5% as a "package" with possible cuts to conditions, when teachers are offered 2.5% plus $1250 'sign-on bonus'and other major improvements with no loss of conditions?

Together EB10 members are taking action on 11 September to say that we are not worth less and must be treated fairly when it comes to wage increases and other key conditions.

Taking action matters – it was because of threatened and actual industrial action that teachers have secured a better deal and we know we have had to take action in the past in order to get a fair deal.

Details of Day of Action

Date: Wednesday 11 September

Action: Stop work action of one hour from 12:15-1:15pm

Meetings: Workplace meetings statewide from 12:30pm. Click here to see your meeting

We will send more information to all members ahead of the day of action, with details of how you can participate in the action alongside the Together members from your workplace.

The communication from the DG regarding your Protected Industrial Action

Many of you would have seen the communication from DG Michael Walsh about your protected industrial action.

It is clear that your successful action ballot last week made an impression! Well done.

The impact of industrial action by Together members is very significant. Managers should plan for the largest number possible of staff taking action – brief up on the necessary contingencies. We want to send a strong message.

To be clear however you are not obliged to report to your line manager if you are thinking of taking any industrial action. We are obliged as a union to provide formal written notice in advance when our members take industrial action. This will be handled by the union office. It's entirely appropriate for you to say as an individual that your decision on whether or not to take industrial action will depend on what happens in negotiations. Management should be worried about that!

The best contingency to stop any industrial action in Queensland Health is the employer starting to take our claims in negotiation seriously. We certainly hope that is what Queensland Health management are planning to do!

In particular, Queensland Health need to urgently review their position that it is "fair" that you should be offered lower increases than others in the public sector, like teachers.

On Friday I also received a letter from the Director General Michael Walsh. You can see it here. This suggests that we may receive an offer from Health in the next couple of weeks. We need to be strong now and make sure everyone is a union member and ready to vote and respond to any offer.

Union members will be continuing to hold protected action ballots about additional work bans and actions – for EB10 members, and in the future for HP, DO and CA members – if that is what it takes to get the employer to act on our important claims for wages, conditions and patient safety.

Talk to your colleagues to ask them to join and get ready for action next Wednesday!

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