EB10: Reminder to vote Yes for wages in the Protected Action Ballot

Posted on August 27, 2019

We're in the final week of negotiations before our current Agreement expires this Saturday.

All things going well, we should have been due a pay rise this Sunday.  But despite negotiating for months and our agreement expiring this week, the Department of Health has still not responded to most of our claims, and we have not had an offer on pay and conditions, and it isn't clear which parts of their cuts document will end up in an offer as part of a "package deal."


Department of Health told us again today that they won't offer us the same pay increase that the teachers were offered, which is 2.5% plus a $1250 one off 'sign-on bonus' payment. They told us they will only offer us 2.5% with no $1250 sign on bonus

Department of Health also told us that they won't offer us the same clauses the nurses and doctors have in their agreements, clauses which will give them any increases to government wages policy. Not only is this unfair, it also means that we won't get second chances after settling this agreement.

Now is the time to take action to make sure we get the same pay offer as the teachers – our members are not worth less.

Last Friday we circulated a Protected Action Ballot to our EB10 members for actions that may be chosen on a day of action coming up in early September.

In preparations for the day of action for a fair pay offer and for conditions in your new EB10 collective agreement, delegates have decided to commence a statewide Protected Action Ballot of members employed in Queensland Health on the following actions:

  1. Do you support work stoppages of up to one hour's duration?
  2. Do you support work stoppages of up to two hours' duration?
  3. Do you support work stoppages of up to four hours' duration?
  4. Do you support work stoppages of up to eight hours' duration?

To take part in this this Protected Action Ballot please use the online ballot form available here.

If members support these proposed actions, the timing of the individual actions would be determined by members and delegates. 

This ballot was issued last Friday and will be open until 12:00pm on Friday 30 August.  Only Together members can participate in this ballot. If you are not a member you can join online here.

Now is the time to vote yes to support all the actions in the ballot, and to make sure all your colleagues are union members so that the day of action will be successful. 

By taking part in this ballot and the day of action in September we can show the government and Queensland Health that we aren't second class government workers and we shouldn’t be offered less.

Negotiations update: Introduction of Technology

Today the Department of Health also refused to commit to a just transition for workers impacted by technological change.They also would not commit to the utilisation of directly-hired employees to undertake implementation and ongoing maintenance of technology. This is a very disappointing response to the most basic of claims about fair treatment and the employment security of our members. Our EB10 steering committee are concerned that without these protections in the EB, the Department of Health may see upcoming changes of technology as an opportunity to cut jobs or outsource our members' work. That's not good enough.

To win on wages or to protect our conditions we need everyone on board. Let your colleagues know to join together and our campaign now.

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