EB10 Negotiations Update - 9 July

Posted on July 9, 2019

Many thanks to Jennifer Mairu, Maria Tapim and Suzanne Asker who represented our union as delegates, with me, and spoke about our claims and issues at the bargaining table.

Today along with these Together members from across Qld I met with the Department of Health for negotiations on our claims regarding Regional, Rural, Remote and Isolated workforce issues.

We also covered the first of our members' claims regarding Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander workforce issues.  These included the claims regarding addressing discrimination in policies, such as in housing and locality allowances, traineeships, retention of existing staff who achieve higher qualifications, and a range goals to be included in the EB regarding workforce development.

The Department of Health again is not willing to put a position to us in response to these claims.

What’s more, the cuts that the department want to make to our EB conditions are still on the table.  They haven’t addressed these and they are still hanging over our members.

There have been member meetings at major sites to discuss the changes that Queensland Health want to make to our conditions and what our plan is moving forward. To remind you of these, see the following documents: 

You can see a list of these meetings here. If you don't have a meeting near you please get in touch with your organiser or email health@together.org.au.

The next negotiation meeting is scheduled for 16 July and we are expecting to discuss the following issues: 

  • 12.1 Shift Allowance
  • 12.2 Emergency on call
  • 12.3 Environmental Allowance (correctional facilities)
  • 12.4 Language Allowance
  • 12.5 Mental Health Allowance C29 and Environmental Allowance C30
  • 12.6 Extra Duties Allowance
  • 12.7 Aggression Allowance
  • 12.8 Footwear Allowance 
  • 12.9 Student Supervision Allowance
  • 12.10 Indexation (of all allowances)
  • 12.11 Meritorious Sick Leave
  • 12.12 Lead Apron Allowance
  • 31 Childcare Reimbursement  

As always, please send your stories and those from members in your area about the above claim items. These stories are extremely helpful when providing evidence at the bargaining table. You can send these to health@together.org.au by COB Friday 12 July. 

Share this update with your colleagues and remind them to be involved by joining you as a Together member. Now is the time to be union active. We win with member power in our workplaces!

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