EB10 members voted YES to work stoppages for the statewide day of action.

Posted on September 2, 2019

I'm writing to report the outcome of the EB10 protected action ballot, which closed on Friday, and to discuss the next steps to prepare for the upcoming statewide Day of Action.

It has been an excellent result in both turnout and the success of each of the ballots. Our EB10 members overwhelmingly voted YES for every one of the four stop work actionswhich were listed on the ballot. Accompanying this result was a record high numbers of members who voted in the ballot.

Members voted:

  • YESto work stoppages of up to one hour's duration
  • YESto work stoppages of up to two hours' duration
  • YES to work stoppages of up to four hours' duration
  • YESto work stoppages of up to eight hours' duration

Congratulations to all our EB10 members on the resounding success of the ballot.

This result sends the strongest possible message to the government and to Queensland Health– Our members won't settle for less!  We need a commitment to fair treatment and a fair wages offer which is no less than what they have offered to the Teachers.

We've been told during EB10 negotiations that government will only offer 2.5% to our members withNO $1250 "sign on bonus"– when government has already offered teachers 2.5% plus a $1250 sign on bonus.

It is not OK for government to say they will offer our health worker members lessthan what they have offered other government workers. 

Queensland Health wants to bundle an unfair lower wage offer into a "package deal" with cuts/reductions to previously hard fought conditions.  The Teachers didn’t have to accept a "package deal" with cuts to their conditions in order to get their better wage offer.

Our members are not worth less and you don't deserve to be short-changed with an unfair wages offer. 

Next steps

Well done to all our EB10 members who voted successfully for these actions.  The result of the ballot shows that our members are serious about the upcoming statewide Day of Action.

Your delegates will be meeting this week to decide on which actions members will take across the state during the Day of Action. We will update you this week on that decision, with details of the Day of Action and guidance on what steps you need to take to participate.

As a strong union, Together members can force a fair and equitable wages offer, win improvements to your EB and protect hard fought conditions. 

But it is critical that your colleagues also become union members now so that you have an even stronger union when your workplace takes part in the Day of Action. Ask your colleagues to join Togetherand take part in the statewide Day of Action for fair wages.

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