EB variation at JCU

Posted on September 2, 2020

Further to our email of 10 August, there have been three EBA variation meetings. Here is a brief update.

At the first meeting, JCU tabled their proposal of changes for their variation. You can read it here.

At the second meeting the NTEU stated that their members had met and would not support the proposal at all, as they do not believe the variation is actually COVID-related.

At the third meeting, JCU management said that they need to adopt the variation, but union members said that they need assurances that jobs will be protected. Union representatives also asked for proof of a drop in student numbers.

JCU has committed to provide some of  this information. Once we have received it we will share it with you.

There were reports from JCU that staff expected this to be finalised last week. This is not a realistic timeframe!

It is so important to get this right as this is your workplace, your wages, your conditions and most of all your employment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch by emailing universities@together.org.au or by calling 1800 177 244.

1800 177 244