EB update and report back from meeting with Director-General

Posted on April 21, 2021

This is a report back to members regarding a meeting held last week between the Director-General CYJMA and your Together delegates. 

We will also provide a brief EB update about upcoming certification and the planning we have been doing to ensure everything in the EB is implemented following certification.

Director-General meeting with delegates

Last week’s meeting was one of our regular meetings with Diedre Mulkerin and Together delegates, where your Together delegates are able to discuss the issues of importance to Together CYJMA members. In attendance from Together were delegates Lucy Besnard, Zac Murphy, Alan Gee and Stephen Hinkler, and Together staff Dee Spink and James Douglas.

Overall, the meeting was positive and constructive and we were pleased with the responses and statements by the Director-General ahead of the implementation of the negotiated improvements to members’ wages and conditions. 

The issues raised by Together delegates included workforce plans, ACP process review, MOG regional structure implementation, ensuring Youth Justice knowledge at senior levels, YJ Reforms (upcoming Co-responder expansion), Child Safety strategy for engaging workload critical areas, and conversion to permanency.

Permanency of CSOs

Together members pushed through the last round of bargaining to fix the employment security of members and recruitment practices in the department.

At the meeting we were very pleased to hear Diedre Mulkerin tell delegates that permanent employment should be the default position

This included confirming that the department is not employing temporary CSOs anymore, and recruiting positions to permanent as the default. The department will also achieve this through conversion of existing temporary employees to permanent, using the temporary to permanent conversion process in the relevant directive. Permanency for those backfilling will also be part of this approach.

We were very pleased to hear strong statements about permanency at the meeting. This was a big achievement Together members won through the recent EB negotiations and it is a very encouraging step towards addressing attraction and retention issues in the department.

Child Safety Workload management

Together delegates raised concerns about no response being provided to members and managers when workload issues are escalated using the Workload Management Manual. The Director-General gave a commitment that escalated matters will be responded to. There was discussion about mobilising resources to respond to workload critical areas.

Together representatives raised the need for a higher level of management to make the decisions about which work will cease when there are significant workload concerns.

Youth Justice reforms – Co-responder expansion and electronic monitoring

Together noted that we have had some initial discussions with the department about the co-responder expansion and will be ready to consult with members when we receive a proposal in relation to those changes. We expect more information very soon and will reach out to members so you can have your say. Together has already provided member feedback through the committee process about the Bill, and we will continue to advocate for members and the important work you do.

Certifying your EB and implementation

We are very close to your new EB being certified so you can access your new wages and conditions. Paperwork is being finalised for formal certification of the EB in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. 

In the meantime, we have been meeting with the department to work on a plan for implementing the improvements to your pay and conditions. This plan will also include several working groups for reviews that were won in the settlement of your EB. 

We’ll be in touch about ways that you can have a say in those reviews. 

You can only continue to win improvements to your pay and conditions by being a strong union. Encourage your colleagues to be part of that change by joining Together and having their say as a strong union.

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